Auracle | Visual Identity, Event & Digital Display
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Auracle | Visual Identity, Event & Digital Display

Auracle Remote Sensing is a global satellite imaging company based in British Columbia, Canada. The company, a group of experienced specialists, arrived at a strong position for growth. It looked to update its visual identity and marketing for online and events, such as conferences, as well as publications. Design items requested included presentations, online webinars, a series of informational print materials, advertisements for event and industry publications, banners for industry events, and standard business stationery.


The company’s wordmark was reimagined while holding to some of the original branding. The style and layout of the lettering was adjusted. As well, a halo that previously wrapped over the company name was integrated into the lettering. Imagery was also updated to feature surface textures, gradients, and long curves that reflected its branding. In addition, geological maps and photographs were featured displaying the scales and levels of detail of the company’s satellite imagery.